Take a quick look at the furniture showrooms around and you would discover the return of classic royal sofas. While keeping trademark looks, they are now modernised elegantly with touches of exclusivity to fit into contemporary luxury designs.

Considering that the sofa set is a very integral part of the interior design of the home, getting it right from the skeleton to the finish is what makes it stand out. Perhaps, this is why the luxury sofa design was named royal, as it is carved with intentional edifying elegance from start to finish.

If it is ‘royal’ it should be in a palace, right? Yes, this is the point of interior designers; your home is your palace and should be designed as one.

Whether it is made with leather, velvet, or any other quality suiting upholstery fabric and colour, these evergreen sofas would edify your interior space to a state of simplicity as opposed to the old design ambiguity of place spaces.

interestingly, the return of the royal design is not restricted to just sofas, but also beds, dining tables, chairs, armchairs, center tables, mirrors, side stools etc.\

Culled from guardian.ng

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